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Producer & Engineer
Making music with friends is my passion.
Record your project yourself? Someone else record it? Can't get it to sound the way you want? Send it to me, I'll mix it.
Need a session guitar player? Got ya covered there as well. You're welcome.
Cookie knows music, knows production, and listens to what you want. He’s not happy unless you’re happy and puts the extra time in to make it perfect.
Elvis Case
Elvis Case
Singer/Songwriter Winchester Gray
Chris did a wonderful job with mixing our Live CD project. We were pleased with the turn around time and how he took everything we said and gave us the best product possible. We are extremely happy with the finished album and so is our congregation.
OBMCC Worship
OBMCC Worship
Easy to work with and a great product. No matter the artist I'm recording with, Cookie is always the guy I call to track my drums.
Aaron Farrier
Aaron Farrier
Independent Session Drummer
Maybe it would have sufficed to simply say that if Chris isn't available for a session, we wait until he is. Why chance it with anyone other than an expert who's great to work with?
Eric Zadan
Eric Zadan
Owner, Jazz Arts Studio
It is a huge relief to know when you have finished a song, that I have just the person to call. There is no question- Cookie is the most talented producer I have ever worked with.
Craig Brookhart
Craig Brookhart
After many years and many recording sessions I've finally found someone who genuinely cares about his craft and art as much as I care about mine. Cookie is as passionate about recording and mixing as I am about writing songs. Always a pleasure to work with, always fun to be around, and always providing a stellar final product.
Jay Stueve
Jay Stueve

Who I Am

Over 25 years experience in producing, mixing audio and playing guitar.
Worked with artists such as Scott Wilson (producer, bass player for Tantric), Russ-T Cobb (producer Avril Lavigne, Bowling for Soup, Sevendust), Shinedown, Lorenzo, Tantric, Flock of Sea Gulls, Blue Oyster Cult, Jamie Suttle, Beauty from Ashes, Red Hot Rebellion, Meghna Mahambrey, and tons of others.

Currently working with Jamie Suttle on her new country album, Red Hot Rebellion on their new Punk Album, and Andy Rush on his jazz project. Mixing the new Yuppie album as well as recording and mixing live shows!

Partial Discography

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered this record. Wanted to capture the energy of this band live. Mostly recorded live. Americana with an edge.
"Fifty Dollar Famous is a two-piece band that plays punk for money. One drummer. One bass player. And zero f*cks.This isn't lo-fi recording. This is NO-fi recording."
In all the universe, only a handful of sentient worlds create music, let alone the most evolved form of music: rock ‘n’ roll. Earth was on track to be admitted into the Galactic Union, but somewhere along the line its rock ‘n’ roll turned weak. RED HOT REBELLION, the second best band in the galaxy, has been sent to Earth in order to steer humanity back on its proper path. But it looks like they've hit a few snags...
CD EP from RED HOT REBELLION jam-packed with 5 super badass rock n roll gems!
RED HOT REBELLION self-titled album on compact disc. Packaged in rad-as-hell digipack. Comes with the Red Hot Rebellion comic book. Each page corresponds to a song on the album! 10 pages of amazing devil-fueled awesomeness.
Sure, this is my wife's album. Don't think for a second this was easy! Country music with a rock edge while I manned the helm and played guitar.
A single after the release of the full length album almost a year later. Dark and edgy.
Lorenzo, a modern rock group blasting out of the Midwest with a sound that’s equal parts light texture and heavy shade (something akin to Nickelback, Seether, etc.), announces the release of its latest CD, Ignition. Named by fans in an online contest, the title is proof positive that the band is quickly developing a base of fans eager for music with a refreshingly different spark, in particular, this spark. So, light it up!
Inspired by Norah Jones, Ingrid Michaelson, Sia, and The Civil Wars, Meghna performs these original jazzy/singer-songwriter/indie pop songs with her seasoned, soulful voice that is sure to haunt you... in a good way.
What you think you know about unicorns is a lie. A lie woven into the very fabric of our history and perpetuated by an evil, ageless conspiracy. This is the untold story of a ragtag band of Vikings hellbent on revenge and sworn to stave off an invasion... I mixed the theme song to this incredibly groundbreaking comic book series.
Jazz trio? Yes please. This was a record and mix project. Silky smooth vocals. Great band!
This was a mix project. This artist recorded everything themselves. We mixed an entire album in 2 days. One of my favorite projects.
One of the most creative individuals I've worked with. Very electronic and "British" sounding for lack of a better term. This was another mix project. Had a blast on this one.
This was a live concert recording that I mixed. What a blast mixing this record! Great musicians and great songs at a great church!